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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Exploratory Studies

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No major is offered in exploratory studies.

Exploratory studies is a transitional academic program for students who are exploring potential majors and career pathways. It also offers interdisciplinary courses for all students, regardless of major, who are interested in academic and career development.

First-year students who matriculate in exploratory studies participate in a structured program that includes EXP - 130 Academic Development and Planning: The DeSales Experience, a required course designed to assist students with clarifying and achieving their academic goals. Through coursework, advising, and other program resources, these students explore and pursue major and career options that fit their individual passions and strengths.

Exploratory Studies Mission Statement

The mission of exploratory studies is to assist students with the selection of and/or transition into an academic major, in alignment with the University’s mission to provide a quality education consistent with Christian humanism and the Academic Affairs Office’s mission to help students discover and develop their gifts. This program seeks to establish a clear pathway for integration into the university community, to enhance personal self-understanding, to contribute to efficient transitions into academic majors and careers, and to promote lifelong learning for students.

Pre-Nursing Program

The Pre-Nursing Program, housed in Exploratory Studies, is open to all incoming first-year students (excluding entering transfer students) who do not initially meet the requirements for admission to the Nursing major. Students with specific nursing program questions are encouraged to meet with the Nursing Program Administrator. This program offers the opportunity for students to achieve their goal of completing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in four years.

Pre-Nursing students are eligible to complete the same pre-requisite courses as first-year Nursing majors. They will be guaranteed acceptance into the Nursing major at the end of the Spring semester first year, provided they have met the following requirements:

  • A cumulative GPA equal to or higher than 2.750 at the end of the spring semester of the first year (cumulative GPAs are calculated to three decimal places and are not rounded)
  • A grade of C or higher in each of the following courses, which must be taken at DeSales University:
    • BI 263  Anatomy and Physiology I (Fall)
    • PS 109  Introduction to Psychology (Fall)
    • BI 264  Anatomy & Physiology II (Spring)
    • CH 107  Physiological Chemistry (Spring)

Pre-Nursing students who are accepted into the Nursing major must abide by the progression requirements outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog that is in effect at the time of their acceptance into the Nursing major. As part of these requirements, students are expected to maintain continuous enrollment (fall and spring).

Pre-Nursing students who do not meet the aforementioned requirements after completing their first year (Fall and Spring semester) will not be admitted to the Nursing major and must pursue their DeSales University undergraduate degree in another major, in consultation with their academic advisor.

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